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Better benefits
at better prices
The right care. The right costs.
We know first hand how hard offering quality benefits to your team can be. With Pebble Health, you get better benefits, controlled costs, and amazing simplicity, so you can go back to building your business.
Our innovative approach and technology lets you:
  • Make smart benefits choices that fit your company and your team
  • Put employee benefits on autopilot
  • Build transparency and predictability into your costs
“As a solo founder that started as a team of two, it was important for me to find healthcare coverage that made sense at our scale and could grow as we did. Pebble Health was the perfect solution - they gave us affordable hassle free coverage with just two employees and have continued to do so as we've scaled up our team. Would highly recommend!Kevin Lin
Founder, Dendron
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Startups: We've got you covered
Offer best-in-class benefits to your employees without the hassle, and get back to focusing on your mission. Attract and retain growth talent by adding frequently requested benefits like expanded mental health and fertility coverage in minutes.
Distributed teams: Near or far, we’re on it
Finally! We offer benefits that work no matter where your employees live and work — your employees are happier with the benefits while you save up to $5k per employee, per year.
Law firms, Accounting firms: Count us in
Your team might be small, but your highly-compensated talent still needs great benefits. Pebble Health lets you give your best to your best, without making you spend hours in the weeds managing it all.
Local businesses: We’re with you
Small and medium size businesses have a hard time offering the benefits their employees need and can afford. We’ll help you do just that—without breaking the bank —with predictable, transparent medical, dental, and vision benefits.
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“As a busy founder who wants to offer competitive benefits to prospective employees, I was searching for health insurance plans for a small and distributed team of five employees across three states. After getting prohibitively expensive quotes from our PEO and a very opaque and frustrating process with digital and offline benefits brokers that yielded offers that didn't fit what my employees needed, I was glad a friend of mine referred me to Pebble Health. “Pebble's founders understood my pains like no one has before, to find coverage that worked for each employee in their location, affordable prices for us as an employer and for the employees' out-of-pocket expenses, and a smooth, seamless experience across multiple banking, payroll, and insurance systems.”Roy Mill
Co-Founder & CEO, Joshu