Healthcare has problems. We're trying to fix them.

Here are our values.

We started Pebble because of how frustrating it was for us to make healthcare work for us as consumers and as business owners. We believe small companies and startups don't have to keep getting the short end of the stick.

Healthcare is needlessly expensive, opaque, and difficult to use. We're using data, technology, good research, and common sense to bring it out of the dark ages.

Get better every day

We are always learning and getting better at what we do.  We seek out feedback, coach our colleagues, and help our team hire the best.

Act like an owner

Whatever our role is, we act like owners and focus on delivering results that have real and lasting value.  We work hard for long-term impact.

Win customer trust

We are committed to winning the trust of our customers and partners by going above and beyond on their behalf every single day.

Show your

The speed of our work compounds over time.  By taking action now and iterating with urgency, we'll be able to achieve better results, faster.

there's more to come

We're proud of everything we've accomplished so far. We've improved the lives of hundreds of customers, but we know it's just the beginning.

our mission

Pebble wants to offer better, more affordable healthcare to millions of Americans and deliver member care experiences that are delightful, human-centered, and transparent. If we accomplish our mission:

100 Million

More than 100 million Americans will have access to better, cheaper healthcare.

Exceptional care

Members will receive exceptional care and all aspects of their patient experience will be convenient, thoughtfully designed, and easy to understand.

outsized impact

The changes that we pioneer will have an outsized impact on healthcare, forcing other players to adapt by copying our innovations and level of service.

best in class

More entrepreneurs and business owners will have the ability to offer healthcare to their employees and will feel proud that their benefits are best in class.