Your team
is covered.

Everyone on your team gets a Pebble VISA, which covers their out of pocket costs at doctors and hospitals. Each team member has an annual limit that is based on your company’s needs.

your card.

Track spending across accounts, see limits and plan details, and resolve any issues with the Pebble app.

Works hand in hand with plans from national carriers.

Pebble is backed up by medical plans from major national carriers. The visa covers whatever the insurance plan doesn’t, including deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

Save money with Pebble.

Insurance companies tend to overcharge startups. By adding a Pebble VISA and decreasing the amount of coverage with an insurance plan, Pebble customers save money while increasing their total coverage level. Costs for most startups drop by 15% on comparable plans by using Pebble.

No surprise costs.

Total contributions for Pebble plans are flat every month,  no matter what your team spends on their Pebble Visa. Quotes always include the cost of the visa and insurance premiums together.


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