Case Study: How Pebble Helped Glue’s Team

Pebble is focused on offering human-centered, affordable healthcare. Learn how they did just that for Bobby Wood, Senior Specialist - Host Platform at Glue.

For a lot of people, health insurance can seem like more of a hassle than an actual benefit. That was definitely Bobby Wood’s experience before he started working with Pebble.

For years, he’d felt like figuring out how to use his benefits was too confusing, so he’d just ignore health problems instead. But that all changed when he joined Glue (formerly known as Mystery) in 2020.

Glue had recently partnered with Pebble, and so when Bobby found himself facing a barrage of health issues all at once, he was able to find the support and guidance he needed to advocate for himself.

We sat down with Bobby to discuss what his experience with Pebble has been like so far.

  • Learning About What Pebble Offered
  • Pebble’s Human-Centered Approach to Healthcare
  • “A Team of People in My Corner”
  • Exceptional Service, Exceptional Savings

Final Thoughts: How Pebble Helped Glue’s Team Find Healthcare

Learning About What Pebble Offered

Bobby first heard about Pebble during a weekly all-hands meeting not long after he joined Glue. 

He was impressed by how thoroughly and efficiently Pebble’s representatives were able to outline Glue’s benefits and left the meeting feeling confident about what his health plan included and how to reach out if he had any questions.

Bobby did ultimately decide to reach out to Pebble when he was trying to decide whether or not to add his daughter to his plan. He wanted to make sure he made the right choice and needed to know exactly what his options were.

“Pebble made it clear very quickly that they are able to provide me with prompt and knowledgeable assistance for whatever my needs may be,” Bobby explains.

However, he soon ended up having to reach out to Pebble for more than just administrative assistance. His mental health suffered during the pandemic, and he realized it was time to seek care.

“My expectations were certainly surpassed when I started reaching out and utilizing what Pebble has,” he adds.

Pebble’s Human-Centered Approach to Healthcare

Glue trusted Pebble with their employees’ healthcare, but the experiences of their team are what really help demonstrate our mission of providing human-centered health coverage.

While looking at the experience from a company’s standpoint is essential, it’s equally important to understand how we can make an impact on the lives of employees and their families.

It’s the individuals, after all, not the company, that need health insurance.

After Bobby began to understand how his plan worked, he realized he probably needed to ask for some help. 

While trying to find a supportive, affordable therapist can be a daunting task, especially if you’re already struggling with mental health issues, he was relieved to learn that Pebble had his back.

“They were able to find me a myriad of options of (therapists) who were accepting patients, some of which were covered by insurance, some of which were not.”

If a therapist wasn’t covered by his insurance, Pebble helped Bobby figure out financing options regardless. 

Glue opted to take advantage of an HRA (health reimbursement arrangement), so even therapists who didn’t accept Bobby’s insurance were a viable option. This helped him expand his choices and find the right provider for him. 

“Sometimes I think, unfortunately, people are able to maybe get past those first two hurdles, but then they're with someone, they're like, I don't know if this is really working for me. This person and I aren't really connecting.” 

Bobby’s glad that Pebble has given him the flexibility he needs to find the healthcare that’s the best fit for him. This is a big reason why he has found working with such a personal company like Pebble to be important for his own health journey. 

“A Team of People in My Corner” 

While Bobby has had a few health issues to deal with over the past few years, he’s grateful he had Pebble to help him navigate the healthcare system along the way. Working with them hasn’t only helped with his mental health either, as he’s found other specialists with the help of Pebble too.

“When I'm trying to find providers that are within my network, accepting patients, work with my schedule, and are in an accessible distance from my home, Pebble has been fundamental in helping me kind of navigate those options.”

Too often, it feels like getting all of those conditions to align can be next to impossible. And having a benefits provider who helps you, instead of leaving you to sort through the options yourself, is crucial. 

Pebble has been able to offer Bobby that kind of personalized, transparent, and compassion-based healthcare experience.

“Prior to my experience with Pebble, whether I was doing research online or reaching out to my insurance provider to try to get some assistance in figuring things out, I truly felt like I was doing it alone,” Bobby notes. 

He was able to get help finding his current therapist, as well as other specialists, after asking Pebble for assistance. He also learned about options he couldn’t find with a simple Google search.

“With Pebble, I feel like I have a team of people in my corner there helping me out, which makes things so much more easy and approachable.” 

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Savings

Bobby has found Pebble’s level of empathy and understanding to be far greater than he was expecting. But he’s also been surprised that the cost savings they offer have been great too. 

Pebble helps startups and small businesses navigate health insurance. When you aren’t sure what coverage you need for your employees, you can end up spending too much. You might not be aware of all the discounts available for your team either.

For companies that are just starting out, that help can mean big savings for their employees. Bobby agrees it empowers him to not think so much about the cost and instead focus on what he needs to do to take care of himself. 

Overall, Bobby has had a great experience with Pebble, and he feels like his perception of what health insurance can do has changed.

“I'm extremely grateful for the exceptional service that Pebble has provided me, and I just want to say thank you for going above and beyond in assisting me to set up, understand and utilize my insurance benefits.” 

Final Thoughts: How Pebble Helped Glue’s Team Find Healthcare

For Glue, Pebble has not only helped with savings but also with helping to get them the coverage their employees need and deserve. 

For Bobby, Pebble has demystified many aspects of the healthcare process, as well as assisted him in finding the care that best suits his needs.

And if he ever has any questions, Pebble is always just a phone call or email away.

Pebble is on a mission to help bring affordable, easy-to-understand health insurance to businesses just like Glue. Reach out to us today to learn how partnering with Pebble can help improve your company’s healthcare options.